Municipal League Postion on Seattle Prop 1 & King County Prop 1 on the August 7th Primary Election Ballot


The Municipal League Foundation today released positions on City of Seattle’s Proposition 1 and King County’s Proposition 1 to appear on August 16 Primary ballots.

OPPOSES City of Seattle’s Prop.1 : The Seattle Public Library Operations Levy  – The Seattle Public Library is an esteemed institution, a critically important city service, and a valuable neighborhood asset. Library operations should be funded through the City of Seattle’s General Fund, not a string of levies. We are deeply concerned that approving this levy will result in a continued practice of reducing allocations from the general fund. The lack of a citizens’ oversight component further weakens this proposal by failing to provide a sufficient level of transparency to the public. The City of Seattle needs to provide sustainable funding for this vital public service.

Read full summary on Opposition of Seattle Library Levy here 


SUPPORTS King County’s Prop 1 : The Children and Family Justice Center Levy – This time-limited and reasonable property tax is dedicated to a much-needed essential government facility. The current courthouse and detention facility are a sinkhole of needed repairs and maintenance expenses and have outlived their useful life. The new facilities will allow for improved services and programs to youth and families, lower County operating costs and will add housing and open space to what is an under-utilized, nine-acre parcel in an urbanizing neighborhood. The Municipal League does encourage the County to add a citizen advisory committee comprised of professionals and neighborhood residents and business representatives to the project.

Read full summary for Support of Justice Center Levy here.


Ballot recommendations are determined by citizen volunteers who study the issue and review information on all sides. The recommendations are then reviewed and approved by the Municipal League Board of Trustees, whose focus is on promoting effective government.

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