Strategic Issues Group


The Municipal League Foundation has convened a Strategic Issues Group to guide the organization’s core programs and issues work. Our next meeting will take place this winter, date TBD. The Issues Group:

  • Provides strategic advice, direction and assistance to advance the Municipal League Foundation’s and Municipal League of King County’s work.
  • Keeps abreast of emerging issues throughout the county, in order to identify and evaluate current governmental matters that the League/Foundation should address.
  • Provides a venue for individuals and officials requesting Municipal League action on various matters.
  • Simplifies and supports the board’s selection of future studies by identifying and summarizing study topics for board deliberation, selection and approval.
  • Supports the work of longer term study committees.
  • Helps the Board and BIC identify the various issues appearing on ballots around King County, and recommends, in collaboration with the BIC chair, which of these would be worth Municipal League consideration.

If you would like more information about the Municipal League’s Strategic Issues Group, please contact the office or call 206.622.8333

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