Ballot Issues Committee


The Ballot Issues Committee, comprised of Municipal League Foundation board members and volunteers, meets to review the various ballot issues put before the voters on each ballot.

The Committee’s Process

The committee typically meets and hears short, 20 minute, presentations from the campaigns or organized groups supporting and opposing the ballot measure.  Following the presentation, the committee discusses the measure and strives to capture the core or the position of both supporters and opposition in a summary. Following discussion and possibly additional research, the committee will decide to recommend to the Municipal League Foundation Board a position of support, opposition or the recommendation to take no position on the ballot measure.  The Municipal League Foundation reviews the work of the committee and ultimately decides the Municipal League Foundation’s position.

You can download and read the many ballot issue positions taken by the Municipal League Foundation in our digital archive.

Join the Ballot Issues Committee

The Ballot Issues Committee wants to expand its membership.  The Ballot Issues Committee only requires that committee members attend one or two meetings per ballot issued which is typically 3 to 4 times a year.

If the issues facing voters are of interest to you please consider joining the Municipal League’s Ballot Issue Committee.  For more information and to discuss volunteering contact the Municipal League Foundation office.


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