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Formation of the Port

The progressive movement that brought the Municipal League into existence in 1910 also helped bring about the Port District Act in the Washington State legislature.  Signed in to law on March 14, 1911 by Governor Marion Hay,  the act gave the public the power to end private monopolies of  harbors. Seattle was the first city to take advantage of the new Port District Act when, with the support of the Municipal League , Seattle voters established the Port of Seattle on September 5th, 1911. For more information you can visit HistoryLink.org or the Port of Seattle’s website.


Municipal League’s Role Monitoring the Port of Seattle
Since that time, the Municipal League has taken an active role in providing oversight of the Port and it’s elected commissioners.  Our standing Port Committee follows the Seattle Port Commission and their decisions. In addition, the Port Committee has conducted several larger studies  into the operations of the Port, and have made recommendations on how to improve specific aspects.  To find copies of past studies please visit the Municipal League Foundation’s digital archive.

Join the Port Committee
The Port Committee wants to expand its membership.  The Port Committee requires that committee members attend 6 -8 committee meetings a year. In addition to the 6 to 8 in-person meetings a year the committee regularly attends Port Commission meetings and at times handles deliberation, research and the crafting of positions via conference call and email.

If the public issues regarding the Port of Seattle are of interest to you, please consider joining the Municipal League’s Port Committee. For more information and to discuss volunteering contact the Municipal League Foundation office.




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