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Municipal League and the Creation of  Metro
The beginnings of our regional transportation system here in King County started with a speech given on November 20, 1953, by James Ellis to a gathering at the YMCA, sponsored by the Municipal League.  In his speech, Jim Ellis called for a new form of government to deal with pertinent regional issues from transportation to  waste-water that was polluting Lake Washington.  Backed by the Municipal League, Ellis would lead the charge to form METRO.

The stories of the creation of  Metro and later backing of Forward Thrust by Ellis and the Municipal League are fascinating.  You can find more details in the following articles on History Link:

Ongoing Monitoring
From the  creation of Metro to present day, the Municipal League has taken an active role in the monitoring and oversight of the Metro organization.  As our regional transportation web has grown more complex – with the creation of Sound Transit and numerous local transportation projects such as the Seattle Monorail and the Alaskan Viaduct debate – our transportation committee has taken on a broad range of issues surrounding the many public entities and public decisions regarding transportation.

To find past studies and positions of the Municipal League Foundation and our Transportation Committee please visit our digital archives.

Join the Transportation Committee
The Transportation Committee wants to expand its members.  The Transportation Committee only requires that committee members attend 6 -8 committee meetings a year. In addition to the 6 to 8 in-person meetings, the committee regularly attends public forums and presentations regarding Metro, Sound Transit, and a vast range of other transportation issues. Deliberation, research and crafting of positions can also be done via conference call and email.

If the public issues regarding our region’s transportation and infrastructure are of interest to you, please consider joining the Municipal League’s Transportation Committee.  For more information and to discuss volunteering contact the Municipal League Foundation office.


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