The Municipal League Foundation is led and staffed largely by volunteer board and committee members who dedicate time to researching policy and analyzing issues.  Their efforts would not be possible with out the dedicated work of of a small but amazing staff and interns.


Alejandra Tres – Executive Director & Co-Founder

Joseph Peha – Co-Founder


The Municipal League Foundation is currently seeking interns to help with our operations and many policy committees.  Interns will be given the opportunity to experience and assist in the day to day operations of this historic and respected organization.  Interns will assist in projects ranging from office management,  program coordination, fundraising,  to communications and  website content development, and much more.


We are looking for individuals who are interested in local government and helping to improve it.  Candidates  for our internships must be helpful, cooperative, and motivated to provide support that meets the needs of committee members and Municipal League Foundation staff. Access to a laptop computer .  Familiarity with conducting internet based research, particularly policy related research is highly desirable.  Mainly we are looking for a willingness to help and desire to learn.

Benefits of Interning: 

Interns will have opportunities learn about policy analysis and the current major issues that we face in King County and this region.  Interns will have the chance to learn from, work with and support experienced volunteers who bring substantial depth of policy knowledge to the Municipal League’s committees.  Our committee members include well respected, attorneys, former elected officials  civil servants, small and large business owners, and other skilled dedicated citizens.  Our entire team are great people for interns to work with, learn from  and build connections.   Our interns and staff really love working at our new offices at the Hub Seattle . This vibrant co-working facility is home to many startups.  You will love working with us in this fun and energetic office environment in the heart of Pioneer Square.

We also think the Municipal League has a pretty great mission, so if you are inspired by doing good and improving our government and community then you will like working here.

Contact Director Alejandra Tres at the Municipal League Foundation today if you are interested!

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