Foundation Releases February 2013 Ballot Recommendations on Seattle School Levy’s



The Municipal League Foundation has released positions supporting both Seattle School District No. 1 Prop. 1, and Seattle Schools District No.1 Prop. 2, to appear on the February 12 Special Election Ballot.

The Municipal League Board voted to support Seattle School District’s Prop.1 Operating Levy. While the State Supreme Court has ruled that the State of Washington has a constitutional obligation to fully fund public schools, the Legislature has not done so and school districts must rely on local levies for a very significant share of routine expenses. The community has an economic interest in ensuring the strength and quality of our schools. The Municipal League has consistently supported school levies over the years and supports this levy to meet the ongoing expenses of operating public schools.

Read the full position supporting the Prop 1 Operations Levy here


The Municipal League Board also voted in support of the Seattle School District’s Prop.2 Capital Levy citing the need to add to and modernize the capacity of public schools. However, the League’s summary of support did note some concerns relating to outreach, transparency, demographic projections and the implications of significantly larger neighborhood schools. The League strongly encouraged the District to work with neighborhoods to understand and mitigate the impacts of the proposed 650-student schools. The League also encouraged the School Board to consider looking for alternative revenue sources.

Read the full position supporting Prop 2 Capital Levy  here


Ballot recommendations are determined by citizen volunteers who study the issue and review information on all sides. The recommendations are then reviewed and approved by the Municipal League Foundation Board, whose focus is on promoting effective government.

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