Municipal League Foundation Releases Recommendation on Prop. 1



The Municipal League Foundation today released its position in support of King County Parks
Levy Proposition 1, to appear on the August 6 Primary Ballot.

The Municipal League Foundation Board voted to support King County Proposition 1 at the
recommendation of our Ballot Issues Committee. King County manages the regional active and
passive parks, trails, natural area parks, local rural parks, and forest lands that comprise the
county’s 26,000-acre system. In 2011, in response to a broad fiscal crisis, King County
eliminated General Fund support for Parks operations and maintenance. The primary revenue
sources for King County Parks’ operational and capital budgets are two levies that were
approved by voters in 2007 and expire at the end of 2013. The current proposition, King County Prop. 1, would consolidate and replace the two expiring levies.

The King County parks system is used by many county residents of both cities and
unincorporated areas. While the Municipal League prefers that parks be funded by a more
sustainable method than levies, such as the General Fund, the General Fund is not currently
capable of providing for these expenditures. Therefore, levies must be used to provide the
funding in the immediate future for necessary operations and maintenance at the King County
Parks and the proposed levy will continue those activities.

Our full summary includes background on both measures, along with the League’s
findings, recommendations, rationale, and arguments for and against.

Read the full position supporting the Prop 1 Parks Levy here

Ballot recommendations are determined by citizen volunteers who study the issue and review
information on all sides. The recommendations are then reviewed and approved by the
Municipal League Foundation Board, whose focus is on promoting effective government.

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