Seattle Times Acknowledges MuniLeague Government Reform Committee Report


Seattle Times reporter Keith Ervin speaks with Muni League Issue Studies co-chair Vanessa Lund about the Government Reform Committee, its latest report, and King County reform efforts during King County Executive Dow Constantine’s first year in office.

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About the report . . .

The Municipal League’s King County Government Reform Study committee has been meeting since June 2010 to review progress on a reform agenda proposed by County Executive Dow Constantine. The intent of the committee is to draw attention to some of the early successes, stimulate public dialogue about good government and to highlight opportunities for further government improvement.

The committee is issuing this initial summary to provide an overview of the reform agenda, stimulate discussion about the results achieved to date, identify opportunities for potential improvement and highlight issues warranting further study. We recognize that meaningful change will take time to achieve. But we also feel that it is important to share our early observations with the public rather than waiting to issue a more comprehensive report.

Read the MuniLeague Report Here


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